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theft occurs when a defendant takes possession of property owned by someone else, that property is taken without the owners' consent, when the property was taken the defendant intended to permanently deprive the owner of the property, and the defendant moved the property and kept it for any period of time.

A theft can occur in many different scenarios. It can be conducted by an acquaintance of the complaining witness (family member, employee) or a total stranger. It can be as simple as a petty theft (value of items taken less than $400) or as complex as an extortion or theft by trick or false pretenses.

If a theft is done in the presence of the owner and force or fear is used by the defendant to achieve the taking of the property, a person could be charged with robbery.

If a vehicle is taken in the presence of the owner, and force or fear is used by the defendant to achieve the taking of the vehicle, a person could be charged with carjacking.

There are many charges that can fall under the category of theft. The Law Offices of Christopher Varnell have defended hundreds of theft cases in all of the categories listed above, most of which have resulted in charges being reduced or dismissed. Christopher Varnell has successfully tried robbery and petty theft cases which were followed by acquittals for the clients.

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