Drug Possession / Drug Sales Lawyer

The penalties for drug possession and drug sales can be quite serious in the state of California. Consequences for a conviction can include:

  • Incarceration in the county jail or state prison.
  • Thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Mandatory prison terms imposed if future drug convictions.
  • Mandatory drug testing and counseling.

If you are charged with drug possession or sales, you will benefit from having a experienced attorney review your case. Certain types of drugs mandate felony filing, and an attorney can often have the charges reduced to misdemeanor offenses. It is also possible to have the charges dismissed and expunged from ones record if the person completes certain drug classes. Christopher Varnell has defended hundreds of clients charged with drug possession and or drug sales, negotiated numerous advantageous plea agreements, and conducted many trials resulting in verdicts of not guilty.

The Law Office of Christopher Varnell can assist you in getting the help you need, work to have the charges reduced or dismissed, and will attempt to keep the charges off of your record to prevent this from impacting your life, the lives of your family, and your employment.

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